About Neighbor Hoods


Neighbor Hoods was started unexpectedly. I’ve been sewing since elementary school, making quilts and altering clothes. I wanted to make myself a fun fleece hood for skiing, since I had seen others on the slopes. After a few attempts, the original design was born, and was later updated to the hood style available in the shop now. 

Since early 2021, the hood biz has branched out and I’ve started making fleece skirts, beanies, cozy soft hooded dresses, and sweatshirts. In 2023, belt bags (fanny packs) were added, including a fun material collab with a high school friend. 

When I’m not sewing, I’m often found enjoying the outdoors during all four seasons, traveling to new and exciting places, and working on my cooking skills (unlike sewing, that ability does not come naturally). 

The outpouring of support for my one-woman business from the local Colorado community, as well as friends from across the country, has kept me motivated to keep sewing! Thank you all so much.
Caitlin Kennett
Owner/Creator of Neighbor Hoods